Hands Full

People always think that once you've had your first child, you've got parenting down. That you know what you're doing. None of those first time parent doubts, or freak outs. That you'll somehow have it down to a science because, well you've done this before. While I definitely feel more confidant, less rattled, and more... Continue Reading →


The Steps We Take

Our lives are a series of choices we make. Some we put a lot of deep thought into, others we make rashly. Whether they're good or bad sometimes depends on your outlook, or your intent. Regardless, the choices we make cannot be undone. For better or for worse. Sometimes I look back at the choices... Continue Reading →

Swift Death

Remember when I said it was my goal to post three times a week? Well that failed masterfully. I have no excuse. ... I take that back, I have plenty of excuses, but I won't bore you by relaying them. I'll just say this probably won't be the last time I miss that mark.  I... Continue Reading →

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