Swift Death

Remember when I said it was my goal to post three times a week? Well that failed masterfully. I have no excuse. ... I take that back, I have plenty of excuses, but I won't bore you by relaying them. I'll just say this probably won't be the last time I miss that mark.  I... Continue Reading →


Evening Adventures 

As I've stated previously, I am a mother to a four year-old little girl. A charismatic, sassy, daring, four year-old little girl. She tries me, more so than any human being I've ever encountered- and I can only blame one person of course. No, not myself. I take credit for the sweet, adorable, charming parts.... Continue Reading →

Here We Go

This is my attempt at re-entering the blogasphere. It's something I've really missed doing, and though I've tried to keep it up, I think the last time I did a sufficient job was before my now four year-old daughter turned one. Needless to say, I obviously haven't kept up that well. Moving forward with this... Continue Reading →

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