Catalog of Failures

It’s been over a year since my last post. I think it’s fair to say I majorly overestimated my ability to keep up with posting. To be fair, I had a complicated year. A lot of change, a lot of difficulties, a lot of blessings.

I started three new jobs and ended four before settling again. Finding the right place of work is not an easy task, but I’m very happy with where I landed. I experienced my first car accident, rear-ended at a hit of 65ph on a freeway. I went through my second pregnancy and managed to come out the other side without too many breakdowns, and now have another wonderful little girl to care for. All of that and so many more changes to come.

I’m exploring daycares for the first time in my life and struggling with the notion of leaving my children (especially my BABY) with what basically amount to perfect strangers. I’m staring down the inevitability of PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences as my oldest prepares to start her school years this summer. There’s also the matter of becoming not only the mother of a baby again, but a mother of two. With all of this in mind, I’ve decided I will need to work on staying sane. That involves, nights to myself, balance in all things, and taking time to do the things I enjoy such as cooking and writing. Hence the blog revival.

It’s going to be crazy, but writing has always been enjoyable and cathartic for me. Any kind of writing. So don’t be surprised to see more than the normal blog post on here. Hopefully this little corner of mine will help me keep it all going (and together).


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