Evening Adventures 

As I’ve stated previously, I am a mother to a four year-old little girl. A charismatic, sassy, daring, four year-old little girl. She tries me, more so than any human being I’ve ever encountered- and I can only blame one person of course. No, not myself. I take credit for the sweet, adorable, charming parts. The rest I just blame on my husband. That’s the deal. I spent 42 weeks creating her, I can be blamed for nothing. 

Having a child is like living with this insane miniature being. They have no qualms. About anything. They’re rarely embarressed, and therefore embarrassing you constantly. Defitniely one of the less wonderful aspects of parenting, in my opinion. Take tonight for instance, while drawing a bath for my daughter she stripped down (to be fair, we adhere to the rule of no clothing in the bath) and began to “cha cha”. 😐 

There’s a moment in every parents life (okay a plethora of moments) where your children will do something that will make you wonder, ‘where in the hell did they get that from?’ The answer is almost always: Auntie. In this particular case my daughter decided to re-enact some moves from a dance party sesh with my sister. 🙄 

My response of course is to try and ignore (after the initial facial expression of surprise) and to pour myself a mimosa-  because clearly someone had sugar, and it’s going to be one of those nights. 


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